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Price Guarantee

We offer a premium service but want to make sure you are never overcharged. When you contact us we will quote you the best price possible 


Depending on your address in the Treasure Valley, there is a good chance one of our technicians could already be close by. This saves us cost, and will lower your first treatment price significantly



Golden Customer Gaurantee
Retreatment Guarantee

Our products can last quite a while, but nothing good lasts forever. 


UV rays from the sun, moisture from heavy rain storms, and other inclement weather will break it down over time. We realize you may see pests return to your home between your regular scheduled visits. 

Please make us aware and we will promptly re-treat again free of charge. This gives you confidence we have your home covered all through the year

Smile Guarantee

When you call our team, we will politely respond right away. Our goal is to make sure your experience over the phone was pleasant and efficient

When our technicians arrive to your home they will always greet you with a smile


Don't be alarmed if they return your garbage can from the street, or roll up your garden hose! 

Money-Back Guarantee


Price Comparison sheet

If we have performed two re-treatments between your regularly scheduled visits and interior pests are still not controlled, we will credit your last payment back to you. 

This ensures you won't be paying a dime if we can't take care of your problem

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Do We Need Pest Control?

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the comfort of your home without the worry ants, wasps, and spiders. Don't stress about cleaning every crumb just to avoid hundreds of ants. We will keep these pests from interfering with your daily activities. 

Preserve Your Health

Bugs and critters can be dangerous. Avoid the risk of venomous bites, known allergens, serious diseases, and other contaminants resulting from residential pest activity.

Protect Your Home

Pests can easily damage homes and decrease property values. Our customized service will not let pests establish themselves around your home. Be confident that you are protecting one of your largest assets.

We treat our established customers very well.

To reward you for choosing us to treat your home, we will continously provide ongoing promotions to put money back into your pocket.  


Maybe you'd rather pay it forward to your friends and family? We always give a discounted price to referred customers 

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